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Mark and Sue Neumann

To anyone considering working with Maui Resort Rentals. We have been with Maui Resort Rentals for many years and have never considered anyone else. They do a great job of keeping our unit rented at top dollar while we are not here but that is far from the most important thing to us. They take great care of our unit and that matters to us. If there is a problem they get it resolved. While we are staying in our unit, they are there for us if anything comes up from a service perspective. Equally important they are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Let me relate a brief story. We had our cherished convertible shipped to Maui from the mainland. We planned to be here when it arrived as it was required we remove it from the dock in a short amount of time. Well, our convertible got here 4 days early and we were not yet on the island. With no idea of what to do we called Maui Resort Rentals and explained our problem. They sent someone to the dock, picked up the car and left it at the airport where we found it waiting for us when we got off our plane. Then to be sure it was easy for us they sent a picture of where it was parked!!! This is the true meaning of service and that is what we get from Maui Resort Rentals. Owner