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Everything You Need to Know About Duke’s Beach House Maui

30 Dec 2022

One of our favorite and most recommended restaurants on Maui, Dukes Beach House, is located at the center of Honua Kai Resort & Spa along the islands west coast in Kaanapali. Situated beachfront overlooking the shores of Kaanapali North Beach, diners can take in the stunning ocean and outer island views while they enjoy Pacific-inspired flavors.

Kaanapali Vs Wailea: Where to Stay

28 Nov 2022

Praised for its world-famous beaches and pristine weather, it is no surprise Maui is the second most visited island in Hawaii. From its charming beach towns full of colorful shops and mouthwatering dining to its breathtaking Haleakala sunrises above the clouds and spectacular volcanic reefs, there is something to be enjoyed by every traveler here. 

Best Beginner Snorkeling Beaches in Maui

25 Nov 2022

Of the many things Maui is known for, its incredible turquoise waters full of brightly colored tropical fish and dazzling coral reefs stand out as one of the top things to experience while visiting. What better and more accessible way to experience the spectacular marine life of Maui than by snorkeling alongside it? As part of our beginner guide to snorkeling West Maui, we've put together some helpful tips...

The Lahaina Banyan Tree

20 Feb 2020

Taking up an entire city block, the Lahaina Banyan Tree is an iconic part of Maui history. If you linger beneath its branches in Lahaina’s historic district, you’re bound to encounter people from around the world posing for photos. How did it come to be here, who planted it, and why? What is it about Banyan trees that makes them so special? How do they grow the way that they do? Read on to learn about the history of the Lahaina...

Lahaina's Front Street

20 Feb 2020

Once called Alanui Moi, or “King’s Road”, Front Street was the epicenter of the Hawaiian Kingdom from 1820 - 1845 and home to King Kamehameha III. His palace complex was built on Moku‘ula, a small island surrounded by a moat that is now buried beneath a park at Front and Shaw Streets. Today, Front Street remains a significant gathering place for both Maui visitors and locals. Many come to walk this street of living history and enjoy...

Top 10 Restaurants in Kaanapali

20 Feb 2020

West Maui consists of a coastline full of small towns, resort areas, historic sites, and incredible Maui beaches. When traveling to Maui, many visitors find their accommodations in the Kaanapali Beach area due to the many vacation conveniences; activities, beaches, boat tours, and incredible restaurant options. 

West Maui Sushi at Lahaina Ko

Top 10 Sushi Restaurants in West Maui

20 Feb 2020

When visiting the Island of Maui, one of the most popular things to do is explore Maui’s many restaurants and flavors. Obviously, tasting locally caught seafood is a top choice when visiting the Hawaiian Islands! 

West Maui’s sushi restaurants are one of the best places to explore locally caught fish, Hawaii seafood, Pacific Rim fusion selections, and Maui-grown farm-to-table foods. 

History of Maui Part 2

25 Nov 2019

As the 19th century began, Maui experienced a great wave of immigration from the United States by Christian missionaries. Arriving in the Lahaina Harbor, they mixed with a melting pot of transient sailors, businessmen, and native Hawaiians and greatly impacted Maui’s culture for generations to come.

History of Maui Part 1

25 Nov 2019

To tell the history of Maui, you must first start with the story of the demigod Maui, from which the island gets its name. As told in the iconic song, Maui fished out the Hawaiian Islands from the sea. From the top of Haleakalā, he lassoed the sun to slow it’s progress across the sky and make the days longer.

Guide to the Kaanapali Lower Honoapiilani Food Truck Park

24 Nov 2019

An exciting new addition to the West Maui casual dining scene, The Ka’anapali Food Truck Courtyard is located on Lower Honoapiilani Highway on the border of Kaanapali and Honokawai. It’s situated across the street from a strip mall that houses a Times Supermarket, Java Jazz coffee shop, snorkel rental shops, and an array of convenience stores. A number of resorts are within walking distance, such as The Honua Kai Resort, The Mahana, and The...