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Luana Garden Villas at Honua Kai Construction Updates


***Luana Update November 4, 2019***


Buildings 1-4 of the Luana Garden Villas are now open! As of this writing, Maui Resort Rentals has already started taking reservations for the villas that we manage that have closed escrow (Villa 2A, 2C, 4A, and 4B). More villas will be coming online shortly. Since these villas are all coming online with completely open calendars, the first guests to book are being treated to discounted inaugural rates. Guests who are able to come with short notice are getting some very nice deals indeed.

The enclave one pool area is also open for business and you can be certain that there is no jockeying for a pool chair here right now. While building 5 and 6 are still yet to open, the enclave one pool area has been surprisingly serene during the daytime, as the overwhelming share of the work has moved on to enclaves two and three.


Image of the construction from a north-facing Hokulani Tower exterior unit


The Enclave One pool area is open


Enclave One with the Konea Tower in the background


A look at the Luana interiors


A Luana lanai (patio)


***Luana Update October 7, 2019***


We are now less than 2 weeks away from inaugural occupancy for Luana! The first buildings to accept guests will be buildings one and two in the first enclave and a new building is scheduled to come online every two weeks or so thereafter. From the below photos, you can see that the entire first enclave is very close to being complete. We were recently treated to a sneak peek of one of the finished villas and everyone was very impressed with the expansive feel, the quality of the craftsmanship, and the contemporary island decor so we are looking forward to getting some interior photos once we are able to do so.







***Luana Update July 29, 2019***


We are now starting to get better looks at some of the first few Luana buildings from all angles at ground level. From close up you can even see glimpses of the interiors through the windows and from what we can tell they are impressive! The aerial photos are taken from the southeast facing side of Honua Kai's Konea Tower on the 7th floor. 


Luana Construction 7-29-19


Luana Construction 7-29-19


Luana Construction 7-29-19


Luana Construction 7-29-19

***Luana Update June 21, 2019***


The exteriors of the buildings in the first enclave continue to come into focus. You can see in the first picture that the siding is going up on building one in the first enclave.



Below you can see additional progress in both enclave one and two, with the roofing tiles already up on buildings 11 and 12 in enclave two.




***Luana Update April 30, 2019***


The Luana Garden Villas project continues to progress with the entire second enclave almost framed out and the exterior of the first building beginning to take shape.














***Luana Update late March 2019***




The Luana Garden Villas project is moving forward full steam ahead with the framing already underway on building 11 in the second enclave. This means that over half of the buildings are framed out. Meanwhile, the interior finishing work has already begun on the first buildings in the first enclave. In the third picture below you can see on the far right that work has also started on the pool area of the first enclave.